How Rare Are Full Ride Scholarships?

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The fantasy of many high school students, and their parents, is that the looming college years will be financed by a “full ride” scholarship. A “full ride” scholarship is one where ALL expenses relating to attending a college are paid for. This includes book, tuition, room and board, and in some cases, even a bit for living expenses.

Just how likely is it that your fledgling student will qualify for one of these prized scholarships?

The short answer is: not likely at all. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics there are approximately 18.2 million students enrolled in colleges and universities around the country. Of this horde, just 546,000 or .3% were eligible for enough scholarships and grants to cover the entire cost of college.

Most of these lucky few put together a puzzle of both federal and state grants along with private outside scholarships.

Thinking about a private scholarship? Those odds are even more remote. According to one expert there are somewhat less than 250 private scholarships in the United States that provide enough money to cover all the costs of college.

Even if your dream of a full ride isn’t going to happen, don’t despair. There are, even in these trying times, literally billions of dollars available in the form of grants and scholarships to deserving students from all walks of life and all income levels.

But don’t put off the search much longer. Now is not too soon to start the research to see what is available and what is required to qualify for scholarships and grants.

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