Are you planning to go to school?

Are you planning to go to school? Has the conversation turned from what you want to study, to  how you are going to get the money to go to school?  If it has, you are not alone!  Getting the funding you  need to go to school is possible-but it is not always easy.  Getting a scholarship, grant or loan requires a lot of hard work because there are so many rules, requirements and restrictions.

To secure the financial aid you need, no matter what your age, or what course of study you want to pursue, it is important to learn as much as you can about what you can apply for and how!

And don’t laugh-but this might be the most important-but challenging job you will ever have.  That’s right, getting funding for school can be a full time job!  But, if you take the time to learn about the current economic conditions, the initiatives offered by educational institutions and private benefactors, you can give yourself the financial base that you need to go to school and get the skills and training you want and need to be successful in today’s world.  The time spent will be well worth it!

You see, the reality of today’s cost of college is staggering;  with options of community colleges, technical schools, public and private institutions that can cost as much as $40,000 a year!  And that is just for an undergraduate training degree.  Graduate school, law school, medical school-these are all options that also require funding.

Our goal is to bring some common sense to the issue, answer some of the more common questions, and help you to navigate through the maze of options, with a wide-variety of information about scholarships, grants and loans.  We hope we make a difference in helping you reach your academic goals!


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