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Most prospective students are aware of the scholarships made available by the federal government and the institution of higher learning they hope to attend and spend much time filling out various required forms in applying for aid. But fewer are immediately aware of the large numbers of scholarships that are available both from companies and from private individuals or organizations. Here is a brief overview of both:

Corporate Scholarships

Lots of big corporations give back to the community through providing scholarships for undergraduate students. The bigger the company, the larger the possibility of scholarship offers. Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Toyota, take your pick, they all give scholarships. The main benefit of corporate and business scholarships is that qualification criteria tend to be unrestrictive. Businesses want to reach the greatest number of people as they can, and so their scholarships usually are open to numerous students. This obviously increases applicant competition, an unfavorable complication corporations attempt to offset by offering either lucrative awards or even a high number awards. Doubts about competition are justified, but if you’re looking for clear-cut conditions, commercial scholarships are a good bet.

Exclusive Scholarships

Many individuals and small institutions also offer scholarships to assist students pay for an education. It’s not unheard of for non-public scholarship providers to require precise eligibility requirements to their scholarships, but, contrary to popular perception, they don’t always focus on Grade point average. Actually, private scholarships are often made available to students majoring in a distinct subject or those who encountered certain difficulties. For example, a pilot can start an annual  fund to assist aviation students in beating the monetary road blocks he or she encountered as a undergraduate. It will always be smart to benefit from scholarships with precise eligibility standards if you’re among those qualified.

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